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Are you tired of the same old advice when it comes to supermarket shopping, like to “stay around the perimeter”?

Have you ever wondered what certain labels mean, how to best store different fruits and veggies, which ingredients to avoid, what the big deal is about GMO’s, or which so-called “health foods” really are good for you (and which claims are bunk)?

The Grocery Store Tour Guide & Nutritional Workbook has the answers to all of those questions and more! This visual, informational, and handy guide is full of supermarket secrets and smart-shopping tips. Not only will you learn how to read nutrition labels and save money while choosing healthier foods – you will also find easy snack ideas, useful food charts, a full grocery list, healthy recipes, and additional resources which are relevant in today’s grocery store world.

What are just a few of the helpful tidbits you can look forward to discovering within this 70-paged Guide & Workbook?

  • Preparation tips before you shop
  • Reading through the lines of Supermarket Psychology
  • Misleading labels exposed
  • How manufacturers trick consumers into buying unhealthy foods
  • The meaning of labels, label claims, and different food certifications
  • How to read Nutrition Facts labels and ingredient lists
  • What are GMO’s and what is the big deal?
  • The best fruits and vegetables to buy according to season
  • How to save money when grocery shopping
  • Storage and washing tips for different whole foods
  • Smart-shopping tips for every department and every aisle
  • Healthy and easy snack ideas
  • Delicious, healthy recipes to try as you go on your own grocery store tour
  • Bonus recipes including side dishes, soup, pre/post workout or breakfast
  • Recipes that are all plant-based and easily customizable
  • A health-conscious grocery list (and a look at what’s in my own kitchen)
  • Extra resources and suggestions for further education, with accompanying links
  • Much, much more

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside…

Grocery Guide page shots 1 Grocery Guide page shots 2

And as for how The Grocery Store Tour Guide & Nutritional Workbook compares to a personal grocery store tour with me?

First of all, a personal grocery store tour with me can last up to three hours and cost nearly $200.

Secondly, even after going through each department and down each individual aisle – and even after answering any questions that my client may have – the truth is, even after three hours, we still never have time to cover half of what is within this valuable book. This is one of the main reasons I created The Grocery Store Tour Guide & Nutritional Workbook: to ensure that my private clients had a go-to resource to use well past our one-time, information-filled visit to the supermarket.

Today, I am excited to offer this exclusive and thorough Guide & Workbook not only to private clients – but to you. Whether you struggle in choosing healthy foods, or you want to outsmart the overabundance of grocery marketing tricks, or you want to gift your college-bound kid with a helpful resource to encourage healthy food shopping while they’re at school… I am confident that this is the perfect tool to add to your health-conscious arsenal.

This functional, colorful book even has a post-tour quiz and personal notes pages  – making it the perfect tool for any nutrition coach or fitness trainer to use with clients!

By the time you finish The Grocery Store Tour Guide & Nutritional Workbook, you will know how to navigate through the aisles of any supermarket like a pro and confidently make the healthiest choices for you and your family.

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