EFT Level I & II Training this September!

I know it’s been QUITE a long time since my last post… But I had to share something I am REALLY excited about.

There is a wonderful training opportunity coming right here to Orlando soon. My friend and colleague Ruth Stern is presenting a 3-day training on EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques-  This training is approved for all Licensed clinicians who will receive 21 CEUS for this training (mental health counselors, social workers and marriage and family clinicians). This training is also open to all holistic practitioners and coaches and healing professionals!

I have benefited greatly in my business as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist by also incorporating EFT as an EFT Coach. This technique has helped my clients on the road to optimal wellness, and it has also helped me personally. It is an amazing tool from all angles, and the training itself not only teaches how to practice it (and coach others) but also acts as a weekend of energy therapy counseling for yourself. I even had a film crew in the area ask to feature my unique “holistic personal training” approach in a short documentary. You can watch first-cut version of Tapping Into Health here:


(You’re very welcome for the most flattering still shot ever.)

The training will be held September 20-22, 2013.

If you register before September 1st, you get the early bird special. Plus, another great benefit for anyone within driving distance from the Orlando area (like myself) is that you save money on hotel and travel!

It is a truly cutting edge technique that will transform your practice and your life. You will learn this powerful energy psychology technique that promotes rapid mind-body healing and eliminates blocks to success.

You will:

  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques to rapidly improve the functioning and well-being of your clients
  • Heal trauma and painful memories, anxiety, depression, pain and phobias with this energy psychology modality
  • Clear negative thoughts and emotions that block success for any type of goal (financial, weight loss, finding love etc.)
  • Stop self-destructive habits and patterns
  •  Be involved in lots of  hands-on (literally!) demonstrations

To get more information about this training or to register, click on this link.

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Please feel free to share this post with anyone who can benefit from becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner, whether it is a LMHC, business coach, health coach, or energy healer. Even if you are simply seeking one of the most effective stress management tools for yourself and not one of the mentioned counselors or coaches, I still highly recommend this training with Ruth!

I look forward to seeing you at the dynamic training (yes, I will most definitely be there)! :)